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Can the media be trusted?

September 30, 2008


Media blunders caused by “beat the competition to news headlines” are numerous. For example, after Arvid Saunaitis presented a breakthrough dental appliance made out of chromium cobalt metal and denture teeth to NBC, and they did the story, a few opportunistic dentists presented an all plastic appliance to other news networks and by distorting the facts persuaded them to cover their story instead. After Arvid warned the reporters that their all plastic replica will not work as they claim, they ignored his expert advice and caused numerous patients to be scammed out of large sums of money. More on the story can be found at

In another example, after the researchers at the University of Pennsylvania published a narrow test tube study in the journal of Science and the lead researcher of the study, Dr. Ian Blair asked the press,  “For God’s sake don’t say vitamin C causes cancer,” many reporters proceed to do exactly that. Dr. John Hathcock, vice president for the Council for Responsible Nutrition also commented, “The media should do its homework and put new scientific findings in their proper context. That kind of responsible journalism would help consumers, rather than cause confusion.”

Unfortunately the media will never stop deceiving the public and will continue to push their political agendas until the public has had enough and begin looking for alternative news sources.