Massive rejection of the SOPM party

Late at night, hoping that everyone’s attention was on the health care summit, the Democrats attempted to bury a provision in their annual intelligence bill that would create a new criminal offense for the CIA and intelligence community. Instead of concentrating on protecting and defending our nation, the far left liberals, known as the SOPM party, meaning spent other people’s but not their own money party, tried to target the man and woman who stand in harm’s way to protect us. Republicans brought this to the attention of the American people, who became outraged and their attempt was derailed.
Now the American people must work together to stop the SOPM party-backed healthcare bill that would destroy the best health care system in the world and bankrupt this great country.
There is a massive rejection of the SOPM party taking place in our country. Americans are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore. It is time Washington is sent a clear message that the right kind of change is needed and if you continue to ignore the will of the people, you will no longer be allowed to represent them. If you agree, there is something you can do about it by joining the interactive march on Washington. In just over a week, nearly 100,000 patriots have already signed up and it is growing by the thousands every day.
To view the Online Tax Revolt, visit


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